International Transition Class (ISK)

The International Transition Class (ISK) is for foreign-language students between the age of 12 and 18. In a period of one and a half to two years, you follow an education making the transit to regular secondary education or intermediate vocational education (mbo) possible.

The ISK mainly focuses on Dutch as a Second Language but alignment is also sought with the core subjects such as biology, care, numeracy/mathematics, English, digital skills, orientation on our society, exercises in social skills, creative training, traffic and citizenship. By means of activities such as ice skating, cultural projects and sports projects, the social and cultural difference with the Dutch society are being bridged and centralised.  

The ROC West-Brabant offers several options in strong and attractive mbo, vmbo and Education with a variety of colleges and schools. The educational offering of ISK can be followed in West-Brabant at ISK Breda and ISK Bergen op Zoom.  

Sign up

  • Download the application form
  • Complete the form in full and sign it
  • Make a copy of passport or ID-card of student and parent(s)
  • Send everything to ISK Breda or ISK Bergen op Zoom

Application form

The special features of the International Transition Class (ISK)

  • Regional function
  • Fully accessible (no-threshold)
  • Continuous inflow
  • Individual guidance in the pedagogical and didactical field
  • Self-sufficient in the Dutch language in a short period of time
  • Better adjustment capabilities in the Dutch society